Terry Goodman

Terry Goodman

A Laramie woman should be released on probation next month after she pleaded guilty to stabbing her boyfriend on Christmas Eve.

Fifty-year-old Terry Goodman was originally charged with second-degree attempted murder, aggravated assault and battery and domestic battery.

Ultimately, Goodman pleaded guilty to the assault charge and prosecutors agreed to drop the murder and domestic battery charges as part of a plea deal.

Goodman took an “open plea,” meaning that Albany County District Court Judge Tori Kricken had free rein on what sentence to hand down.

Prison time is common for aggravated assault convictions, but Kricken opted on Tuesday for Goodman to serve only 180 days in jail, which Goodman’s already completed the bulk of.

Prosecutor Becky Farley had asked for Goodman to spend a full year in jail.

After Goodman’s released, she’ll only end up in prison if she violates the terms of her three year probation.

“Sometimes there are individuals that commit terrible criminal behavior without being terrible criminals,” Kricken said.

The judge said it was appropriate to be lenient with Goodman since the victim had pleaded for mercy and the defendant only had “a very minor criminal history from a very long time ago.”

After the Christmas Eve stabbing, victim was taken to Ivinson Memorial Hospital and given stitches for his wounds, which all were sustained on his right arm.

Goodman said the attack was “a one-time thing” and that she’s been doing “Christian outreach” during her time at the county jail, something she plans to continue doing after she’s released.

“I want to prove myself,” she said. “Even though the injuries weren’t fatal or life-threatening, I know that doesn’t reduce the seriousness of the crime. I am truly and deeply sorry for doing that. I never intended to hurt anyone, especially someone I love. … I don’t blame anybody but myself.”

Amber Ferguson, an officer at the Laramie Police Department, was dispatched to the Motel 8 on Boswell Drive shortly after the incident on Dec. 24.

Goodman acknowledged stabbing her boyfriend with a butcher knife because “he made her mad and always talked over her,” according to Ferguson’s affidavit.

“He called the police like a (obscenity) instead of letting me leave,” Goodman told the officer.

When Goodman was taken to the Albany County jail, she said the couple had been drinking and arguing throughout the evening.

Goodman said her boyfriend was upset she had visited her children for Christmas while he was not able to spend the holiday with his son and didn’t have money for Christmas gifts.

Her boyfriend then offered to pay Goodman $200 if she’d leave the motel.

As he smoked a cigarette, Goodman grabbed a butcher knife and stabbed him three times in his right arm.

Goodman said the stabbing was not committed in self-defense. She said her boyfriend had cancer and “claimed to be dying.”

“She wanted to help him end it,” Ferguson’s affidavit states.

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