While Tuesday was the epitome of a nice spring day, winter is coming back for more.

Starting late this morning, Laramie residents are in a winter weather warning and should be expecting prolonged snowfall and heavy winds, with chances for dangerous travel conditions in the afternoon and evening.

The National Weather Service in Cheyenne predicted Tuesday morning Laramie will accumulate up to six inches of snow by Thursday afternoon. However, with heavier snow and blizzard-like conditions expected for the Nebraska Panhandle and east of Cheyenne, meteorologist Crystal Worley with the NWS told the Boomerang Tuesday morning she “wouldn’t be surprised” if Laramie sees some of that, too.  

“We’re thinking that Cheyenne is probably going to see blizzard-like conditions by [this] evening, and I think that will likely trickle over into Laramie, as well,’ Worley said. “You guys are going to have the wind gusts, and the snow is going to be going for several hours.”

Wind gusts are expected to increase into this evening, which when combined with the expected snow, Worley said could “significantly reduce visibility and make travel hazardous.”

With the chance for blowing snow, Worley said the travel conditions today could even mirror those from March’s blizzard, which shut down much of Albany County and the southeast portion of the state for two days.

“We would recommend people changing any travel plans that they have because roads will be slick, visibility is going to be near zero at times and that’s going to make it really difficult to see anything if you’re out on the road,” Worley said. “If you get stuck in that, and you do not have the right supplies in your car, it’s going to be a big problem.”

Due to Tuesday expected high temperature of 65 degrees, Laramie is expecting some rain early this morning that will later transition into steady snowfall as the temperature gets colder. The chance for slush on the roads, especially after the warm conditions Tuesday and the potential for sleet this morning, could also affect driving conditions, Worley said.

Since the region has been “spoiled” lately with nicer weather, Worley advised residents to ensure the proper emergency equipment is in their vehicles and even inside their homes in case of potential power outages or stuck vehicles.

The NWS periodically updates its website, www.weather.gov/cys/, and social media pages with updated weather forecasts and warnings.

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