On Saturday, you may see young kids stationed throughout Laramie giving you their biggest smiles to convince you to buy a cup of lemonade. These kids will be part of Lemonade Day.

The national Lemonade Day is an organization that seeks to empower kids to be forward-thinking, entrepreneurial individuals who will positively impact their communities. The organization wants to encourage goal-setting and hard work for young people.

The event started in in 2007 in Houston, according to Kent Wood of First Interstate Bank. The only other city in Wyoming that has done Lemonade Day is Casper. This will be Laramie’s first year participating.

The event is sponsored in whole by First Interstate Bank and spearheaded by Wood.

“Next year, we intend to have 20 or 30 sponsors of the program, and we’ve gotten a lot of interest from the business community to do that already,” Wood said.

Kids participating in Lemonade Day will prepare a business plan for their lemonade stand that includes stand design, pricing, location, attracting customers and much more. Each kid involved receives a backpack with an Entrepreneur Workbook that has the lessons of Lemonade Day, including budget creating, setting profit-making goals, serving customers, repaying investors and giving back to the community.

Martin sisters Clair, 10, Charlotte, 8 and Macy, 6, will be selling lemonade together.

“There was a lot of work, it took us like a week,” Charlotte said as she drew out her sentence in exhaustion of all the paperwork and business planning the girls had to do.

The three girls agreed they were excited for Lemonade Day. Claire was the spokeswoman to explain the reason for their unified excitement.

“We can learn how to run a business and learn to make money the fun way,” she said.

The Martin sisters are three of five girls to Andrew and Jillian Martin. For Lemonade Day, the girls will dress up as ‘50s Pink Ladies, their outfits complete with homemade poodle skirts. They will serve their “cool cats pink lemonade” out of their father’s vintage vehicle at Martin Barber Co. on Third Street.

The children get permission from a business owner in Laramie to station their lemonade stand at that person’s business. They will then spend a day in the life of a business owner as they manage their lemonade stand.

“One [purpose] is to bring a fun, family-oriented, kind of a long-term summer activity to young kids in Laramie,” Wood said.

He explained the focus of Lemonade Day is to teach young kids “the power of entrepreneurship.” Wood continued, “So, with that comes the risk and reward of planning, hard work, and then just going through the process and putting it out there in reality,” Wood explained.

The children will get to keep the money they make and are encouraged to spend some, save some and share some. The national net profit average per stand is $224.

“For the community at large, if and when you see lemonade stands on Aug. 10, please stop,” Wood said.

“We want everybody in Laramie to buy at least one,” Wood paused, “or 10 glasses of lemonade.” He continued, “I think it’ll be as much fun for the lemonade buyers that day as it will be for the lemonade sellers.”

The following are locations of all lemonade stands:

n 222 S. Second St.

n 1657 Snowy Range Road

n 30th Street and Willett Drive

n 115 Ivinson Ave.

n 270 N. Ninth St.

n 411 S. Second St.

n 769 N. Ninth St.

n 3206 Grand Ave.

n 2058 Snowy Range Road

n 205 Grand Ave.

n 554 N. Third St.

n 306 S. Third St.

n 221 Ivinson Ave.

n 3600 Grand Ave.

n 4308 Grand Ave.

n 611 Grand Ave.

n 920 Boulder Drive

n 903 Shields St.

n 2200 Spring Creek Drive

n 334 S. Fillmore St.

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