Fire in the Sky

Spectators watch the fireworks from the Cirrus Sky Trail during Fire in the Sky 2018. This year’s display starts as soon as it gets dark enough, likely between 9-10 p.m.

Nothing says Independence Day quite like fireworks, and Laramie is celebrating with hundreds of them.

This year’s Fire in the Sky fireworks display will start as soon as it is dark enough to do so — likely sometime between 9-10 p.m. tonight. The show will feature around 283 aerial shells between 3-8 inches long, according to a city news release.

Clouds will also be a factor in the show’s start time. Should weather conditions impact the show, it will be held on Friday evening instead. As of Wednesday afternoon, meteorologists with the National Weather Service in Cheyenne predicted a 30% chance for thunderstorms this afternoon until about midnight, with a partly cloudy sky in the evening and a low temperature of around 50 degrees.

Pyrotechnician Dave Akers returns for his 29th consecutive year running Laramie’s firework display, orchestrating the show from an area near 22nd Street and Armory Road. The fireworks will be timed to an official soundtrack aired on the Hits 106 radio station.

Due to potential hazards from falling firework debris, no viewers will be permitted within a 600-foot safety radius zone around the launch site, according to the city news release. The radius includes a portion of 22nd Street south of Harney Street and Armory Road between Television Road and 22nd Street. The safety zone is a requirement both from the 2018 International Fire Code, the 2018 National Fire Protection Standards for Fireworks Display and insurance purposes.

“People within the drop zone perimeter will be asked to leave by law enforcement personnel and could be subject to criminal citation for refusing to cooperate,” the news release said.

Fire in the Sky Coordinator and Laramie Fire Marshal Mark Doyle told the Boomerang Wednesday afternoon the boundaries of the drop zone will be clearly defined by barriers and law enforcement to avoid accidental entrance.

Additionally, no cars will be permitted to park within the 600 ft. drop zone.

The public should avoid trying to view the display from the soccer fields on Television Road, the University of Wyoming recreation fields adjacent to Armory Road and areas north of Harney Street between 19th Street and Television Road. Despite being outside of the drop zone, the news release said, “their proximity makes it impossible to protect spectators and vehicles from shell debris if the wind shifts during the display.”

The city recommends viewing the display from nearby city parks — including Washington Park, LaPrele Park, Scout Park or Kiowa Park, as examples — or even from the University of Wyoming campus or parking lots around town.

Loud fireworks can startle pets, and the city also recommended in the news release to bring pets inside to help reduce stress and potentially prevent runaways.

Other than the specially permitted Fire in the Sky display, setting off fireworks within city limits is prohibited.

City Closures

Despite the holiday, solid waste collection, including recycling, will continue running regular routes today. The landfill, however, will be closed.

The city’s administrative offices will be closed today for the holiday, and City Hall and Annex offices will also be closed to the public on Friday.

The Laramie Community Recreation Center is closed today but will be open regular hours Friday.

The solid waste, utilities and streets divisions will remain open regular hours on Friday.

All Albany County offices are closed today and will remain closed Friday.

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