Camron Bunnell

Camron Bunnell

A former University of Wyoming student was sentenced to complete two years of probation and a treatment program after he filmed another student in the shower at White Hall in June.

Camron Bunnell, 19, had no criminal history and, under a plea deal agreed to in January, he will not become a convicted felon if he successfully completes his probation.

“I don’t want anyone thinking that these aren’t very serious charges,” prosecutor Becky Farley said at sentencing. “I think Mr. Bunnell should be given the chance to not be a felon for the rest of his life. It’s good to see that he is still trying and is enrolled in another university. … He is a very rare person that does deserve another chance.”

Bunnell pleaded guilty to voyeurism earlier this year. An unusual crime in Wyoming, voyeurism is typically a misdemeanor under state statute.

Under state statute, a person commits voyeurism if they look “in a clandestine, surreptitious, prying or secretive nature into an enclosed area where the person being viewed has a reasonable expectation of privacy.”

However, Bunnell’s actions also constituted a felony because he filmed his subject.

Albany County District Court Judge Tori Kricken said Bunnell might be appropriate for an early release from his probation and noted that the case’s victim approves of the sentence.

Bunnell’s attorney, Brian Quinn, said that the defendant was in a “vulnerable mental place” at the time of the incident and said a poor combination of medications affected his client’s thinking.

UW Police Department officers met with the victim July 3 at McIntyre Hall on the UW campus. The victim said earlier in the evening he thought he was showering alone in a White Hall bathroom until he saw a cellphone camera in the crack of the door and the wall.

After putting on some clothes, the victim exited the shower and confronted another man, later identified as Bunnell, in the bathroom. Bunnell was in an adjacent shower stall with a phone in his hand. The victim claimed he demanded Bunnell delete the video and watched as the defendant did so.

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