A tornado touches down in June 2018 near Laramie.

Severe thunderstorms made their way through southeast Wyoming on Saturday night, with at least one tornado touching down in Albany County, north of Laramie.

According to National Weather Service meteorologist Matthew Brothers, a tornado was reported by spotters near the Bosler area, prompting a tornado warning for the area. A tornado signature was seen on radar in that area.

Videos of the tornado also made their way onto Twitter from trained storm chasers and others.

A barn suffered damage from the tornado in the Bosler area of Albany County, Brothers said.

No other damage was immediately reported.

“It was like the tornado last year that went north of Laramie,” Brothers said. “It went through some fields, for the most part.”

A NWS team will visit the Bosler area today to study the damage and determine tornado intensity, Brothers said.

Although a tornado signature was indicated on radar and warnings were issued near Horse Creek in Laramie County between 7-8 p.m., no touchdowns were immediately confirmed, according to Brothers.

“There were some reports of rotating wall clouds coming from the Laramie Range, but beyond that, there were no reports of tornado touchdown with that storm.”

Jeanine West, manager for Cheyenne/Laramie County Emergency Management, said there was no damage immediately reported in the west-central area of Laramie County, where the tornado warnings were issued.

Followers on the NWS Facebook page sent various pictures showing quarter-size hail in Laramie and the south part of Cheyenne.

Brothers said more storms are in the forecast today for southeast Wyoming, although likely not as severe as Saturday’s storms.

The area is under a marginal risk for severe thunderstorms today, Brothers said.

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