Devon Thauriaux

Devon Thauriaux

A Laramie man who was sentenced last week to 13-15 years imprisonment is now challenging that sentence.

Thirty-year-old Devon Thauriaux served as his own attorney in the final month before his Jan. 2 sentencing. During that period, he futilely pleaded for District Court Judge Tori Kricken to let him renege on his September no contest plea.

Since being sentenced last week, Thauriaux has continued to file numerous handwritten motions, indicating his plan to appeal his conviction.

In the weeks before his sentencing, Thauriaux unsuccessfully tried to subpoena certain information he believed could prove ineffectiveness of counsel from his previous attorney, Brian Quinn.

Kricken’s denials of those motions Thauriaux argued in a Jan. 4 filing were an “obvious violation of due process.”

“This case needs to be remanded for an evidentiary hearing,” he said.

Kricken has so far ignored those filings but did issue an order Monday that Thauriaux should be appointed appellant counsel through the Wyoming Public Defenders Office.

Thauriaux was convicted for raping an 18-year-old photographer he lured to an Airbnb on Comanche Drive.

Thauriaux had originally been charged with three counts of first-degree sexual assault, a charge that carries a penalty of up to 50 years imprisonment. He also faced a kidnapping charge.

However, the Albany County Attorney’s Office dropped the first-degree sexual assault charges in exchange for Thauriaux pleading no contest to third-degree sexual assault, which only carries a maximum sentence of 15 years imprisonment.

The agreement with prosecutors meant an open plea for Thauriaux; Kricken was not bound by sentencing recommendations and had full discretion over how long Thauriaux would spend in prison.

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