UW winter photo

Roman Winter, a University of Wyoming junior, waits for a shuttle outside of Coe Library on Wednesday morning on the UW campus in Laramie.

Albany County received 5-10 inches of snow in Wednesday’s blizzard that’s been described as “historic” by the National Weather Service.

“It was 1979 since we’ve had such a large and extensive storm like this one,” NWS Richard Emanuel told the Laramie Boomerang on Thursday.

That year, a blizzard rocked southeast Wyoming for three days in November.

Official snow data for places around Albany County are limited, Emanuel said, since the federal agency relies largely on “co-op observers” — “people who do it on their own time — for the county’s information.

Wind gusts in Laramie were often 40-50 mph Wednesday, further obscuring snow measurements in the county.

The Wyoming Department of Transportation had reported snowdrifts as tall as 10 feet along Interstate 80 near Laramie on Thursday.

On Thursday morning, one of four stations to report data within Laramie measured 14 inches on the east side of town. Two other weather stations reported 11 inches, and one reported 7 inches.

The Crow Creek Snotel near Vedauwoo reported 18 inches of snow around 3 a.m. Thursday.

Snotels near the Snowy Range reported between 1 inch and 45 inches of snow around the same time.

Of the nine snotels to report snow-depth in the Medicine Bow National Forest, the average snow depth reported was 20 inches.

The storm also brings the basin’s snowpack to 129 percent of median for this time of year.

Snowpack in the section of Colorado that feeds Laramie’s water supply was at 136 percent of median Thursday.

During the storm, visibility at Laramie Regional Airport was a quarter mile or less for 14 hours.

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