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Servers at Snowy Range Sports, Bud’s Bar, Bernie’s Mexican Restaurant, Elks Lodge, Napoli’s and 3rd St. Bar and Grill were all cited for selling alcohol to minors Thursday.

Six other businesses had been cited by the Laramie Police Department on Wednesday, including Pizza Hut, Copper’s Corner, Applebee’s, Hilton Garden Inn, Niko Sushi and Steak and O’Dwyers.

Laramie’s municipal code hands “points” to businesses who receive alcohol violations.

A business caught selling alcohol to a minor can earn 25 points and also be given a $250 fine.

A business that earns 75 points within a 12-month period puts itself at risk of temporary suspensions of its liquor license.

“Chronic” offenders can have their licenses revoked.

Laramie’s Ad Hoc Community Alcohol Committee is set to discuss revisions to the point system at its Monday meeting.

The Laramie Police Department conducted compliance checks twice a year on all 61 alcohol licensees in the city.

When a compliance check is failed, the person serving alcohol is cited.

The operation is grant funded with money through the Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police.

When a business is checked, an underage volunteer attempts to order a drink using their actual ID showing they’re not of legal age.

If the volunteer receives a drink, the business is cited.

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Enough of this nonsense. Lower the drinking age to 18.

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