LHS school lunches

Students at Laramie High School eat lunch in the cafeteria.

Both breakfast and lunch prices in Albany County School District No. 1’s schools are set to rise by 10 cents for the upcoming school year.

The school board approved the change at a June meeting at the recommendation of ACSD No. 1 Business Manager Ed Goetz.

The change brings the prices of a lunch at elementary schools to $2.75 and the price at the middle school and high schools to $3.

The increase should cost about $17 additional per year for students who eat school lunches every day.

Breakfast prices are increasing to $1.60 and $2.10 at the district’s primary and secondary schools, respectively.

Goetz projects the increases will bring in $20,000 of additional revenue.

The price change was based on changes in the Consumer Price Index, and Goetz said he relies on a U.S. Department of Education “tool” that provides educators with counsel on lunch prices.

“I don’t recommend price increases until the tool indicates they are justified,” Goetz said. “Which is the reason there hasn’t been an increase since 2016-2017.”

Goetz said the increase should prevent the district from needing to increase its $99,000 subsidy to Sodexo to offer school lunches.

Before 2016, the last price increase came in 2012.

The school board has also approved a one-year contract extension with Sodexo, which took over the management of the schools’ meal programs in 2018.

The 10-cent price increase was negotiated between the district and Sodexo, according to the contract extension.

The district called a special meeting in June to approve both changes, which Goetz said were important to finalize before July to continue providing free summer lunches at Linford Elementary School.

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