During a special meeting held Friday, Albany County School District No. 1’s school board approved expending $694,884 on maintenance projects this summer.

With a blizzard hitting Laramie, the school board had canceled its regularly scheduled Wednesday meeting. Friday’s meeting was held simply to approve the monthly financial reports and maintenance projects.

Among the larger projects approved is a $235,869 resurfacing of the district’s parking lot.

The project was awarded to Knife River of Cheyenne. ACSD No. 1 business manager Ed Goetz said that parking lot has not been resurfaced since the district purchased it in the mid-1990s. The project will replace the pavement’s lop layer but not the sub-grade.

The district is also contracting with Hamaker Excavation of Laramie to pave the student overflow parking lot at Laramie High School.

The district had initially planned to have that parking lot, with 47 parking spots, paved in conjunction with the opening of the new high school, Goetz said. As school funding cuts were hitting school districts in Wyoming, the district then opted to keep it graveled for a few years.

Hamaker Excavation beat out three other contractors to be awarded the paving project at a bid of $194,664.

Windows at the district’s special services building will also be replaced this summer.

Goetz said that building’s windows hadn’t been replaced since around 1990 and the building has become “really kind of cold.”

“It’s really time to replace those to get some better efficiency in there,” Goetz said.

The tinted windows will be replaced with clear windows at the LHS football stadium’s press box. Goetz said the tinted windows have made it difficult for media representatives in the booth to clearly watch game action.

Arcon, Inc of Laramie is scheduled to replace both sets of windows for a cost of $187,800.

The district is also paying to re-carpet Indian Paintbrush and Spring Creek elementary schools. The district has worked in phases over the last six years to replace the carpet at the two schools.

“It’s just too difficult to do the entire school all at once,” Goetz said. “We’ve just been doing a few of the classrooms each year, otherwise you’re having to empty the entire school, and that’s really hard.”

The current carpet at the two schools dates to the buildings’ original construction in 1992.

Goetz said about $100,000 has already been expended on the carpet work at the schools, and the work to be completed this summer was contracted out to Carpet One Commercial Flooring of Laramie at a price of $46,881 and $59.58 per square-yard.

The district is also paying Kaiser Flooring $29,670 to add a vinyl flooring to the current concrete floors at LHS’s research and development labs.

All of the projects will be completed between June and August, and all are funded by the state’s major maintenance dollars.

That funding is distributed to districts from the State Construction Department and can’t be used for normal district operations.

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