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Kyle Tallent, a worker with Hamaker Excavation, Inc., watches March 23 in a light snow as the roof is torn off a structure on South Third Street in Laramie. The investors redeveloping the area will not disclose which businesses will be moving in once construction is complete, instead allowing them to announce it themselves.

Those curious about what is being constructed on Third Street between Sanders Street and Spring Creek Drive will have to wait a little bit longer.

While excited to revitalize a southern gateway into the city, the group of investors redeveloping the two-block area, Third Street Partners, LLC, are wanting to allow the tenants to announce the businesses planned for the space in their own way and at their own pace as contracts are finalized.

Although the details remain under wraps for now, Jeff VanFleet, attorney with Cheyenne firm Woodhouse Roden Nethercott, LLC, and representative for Third Street Partners, said the group is excited to “bring some more services and jobs to the citizens of Laramie.”

“When you drive into Laramie, that part of Third Street was full of a lot of closed-down businesses and empty fields, and it really didn’t represent Laramie very well,” VanFleet said. “We’re hoping to put in some businesses that will better demonstrate the positive aspects of Laramie.”

The news release added the investors are working with as many as five partners for the mixed-use commercial space. VanFleet said the construction is expected to take around two years.

Previous tenants of one of the buildings, Scrap Tree, moved to a new location at 725 Skyline Drive.

According to a news release about the redevelopment, Third Street Partners is “comprised of investors with close ties to Laramie.” Although this is the first project for the group of investors, VanFleet said it’s “probably not going to be the last one they work on in Laramie.”

“They’re just working to improve Laramie overall and what it has to offer the citizens and those people visiting our town,” VanFleet said.

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Silence Dogood

It's encouraging to know that it's such a wonderful new addition to Laramie. It's going to be so great that we can't tell anyone about it!


Unfortunately whoever decides to rent the lot and open their business down there will likely suffer the same fate that the last businesses did. The location is known to be the area with run down and dilapidated buildings. People rarely travel down there for anything specific so why would any business owner want to open up shop there? Revitalizing Laramie and adding new businesses is usually a great idea, but I don't think simply opening something up down there is going to do anybody any favors.

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