Bikers line up at the starting line prior to the beginning of the Laramie Mountain Bike Series.

A public meeting to discuss a future bike park in Laramie is scheduled for this evening.

The Laramie Parks and Recreation Department is seeking public input from 6-8 p.m. today at the Laramie Community Recreation Center, 920 Boulder Drive.

Recreation Manager Jodi Guerin said the goal of the meeting is to hear from residents about what types of features they’d like to see in a future bike park as well as where they’d prefer the park to be located.

“Bike parks can be lots of different things,” she said.

A bike park is a piece of land specifically designed with features for cyclists to use to practice cycling skills. Parks can include features for cyclists of all ages and abilities to practice the variety of disciplines within the cycling world, such as BMX, cyclocross, mountain biking and more.

Popular features include pump tracks, slopestyle and cyclocross courses, jumps and ramps.

“A bike park is a smaller area where typically the primary focus is working on skills,” said Cindy Dywan, president of Laramie BikeNet.

Guerin said a committee has identified a few potential locations, both in and beside existing parks and outside the current park system.

“It may be that we end up having multiple locations with different features,” she said. “It really will be based on community input and feedback.”

The meeting will include a short presentation with a summary of progress so far and examples of parks from other communities. Attendees will have a chance to give input. After the meeting, presentation materials will be on display at the recreation center, and residents will be able to comment online.

Laramie BikeNet initiated the bike park project several years ago and raised more than $10,000, which it donated to the city to start the planning and design process.

“It really came out of community desire,” Guerin said of the idea for the park.

Dywan said input from a meeting BikeNet organized several years ago indicated cyclists and other potential users would enjoy a space with tables, benches and natural features that blend in with the surroundings and create a pleasing environment.

“People are excited to have a bike park, but they also want to make sure the park is set up to fit in with the natural landscape and allow other non-bike users to be able to share in that space,” she said.

The city has hired a design firm called Singletrack Trails for the design process. The company worked on trails at Curt Gowdy and Glendo state parks.

“They’ve got pretty extensive work doing bike parks throughout the country, so we’re pretty excited to have them on board,” Guerin said.

Guerin said she couldn’t estimate the potential cost of the park yet because it will depend on the design and location. Funding sources will also be determined after the design process, as will the construction timeline.

She’s hoping to see a conceptual design later this fall. The process will likely include future opportunities for public input.

Dywan said the bike park is just one of several developments in the Laramie cycling community. Trail-building continues at the Schoolyard section, the youth mountain bike community is growing and the Southeast Wyoming Cyclocross Race Series is set to continue later this month.

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