parking garage

This map shows the site of a planned parking garage to be constructed on the south side of the University of Wyoming's campus.

University of Wyoming officials are hoping to be able to have a parking garage constructed directly south of Old Main by the time the Fall 2021 semester starts.

“There are a lot of moving parts in the process, but it is the university’s hope to occupy the parking garage in the fall of 2021,” facilities construction management director Matt Kibbon said in an email.

Kibbon said a budget for the parking garage has not yet been approved by the administration but he anticipates one will be presented to the UW Board of Trustees in November.

UW currently has a request for qualifications already posted, and submissions from consultants are due Oct. 31.

According to that RFQ, the university is envisioning that the parking garage will house 300-400 spots, with a covered upper deck to alleviate snow removal demands.

“Exterior finishes will be of high quality, including finishes and color schemes to complement those of UW’s historic structures,” according to the RFQ.

University officials want for both the UW Police and the parking/transit offices to be housed in that new parking garage, as well as a “campus welcoming and information center.”

“These functions are anticipated to be located at street level,” the RFQ states.

The planned construction of the parking garage, to be located directly north of Grand Avenue between 10th and 11th streets, is part of the planned construction of new dormitories, which will significantly reduce the amount of available UW parking along 15th Street.

UW officials hope to eventually construct a second parking garage at the northeast corner of campus.

The parking garage was one of the recommendations of the UW Housing Task Force, a legislative group created in 2018 to oversee the construction of new dorms.

The task force’s report, presented to the trustees Wednesday, includes a timeline create by UW staff that calls for a consultant for the parking garage to be selected in November.

Construction of the parking garage is expected to begin in July 2020, with the completion of that construction slated for June 2021, according to that drafted timeline.

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Oh Wow

Great. So it'll reasonably service Old Main. Figures. The rest of campus will have to PAY to park there, and then walk across campus (half of the year in ice and snow) to get to their building. Seems logical.


And what are we going to do in the meantime with both the Ivinson lot and the Wyoming Hall lot shut down while the "legislative" taskforce builds a dorm in the center of campus?

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