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Interstate 80 was closed most of Tuesday morning due to fog and reduced visibility after Monday night’s storm. Meteorologists with the National Weather Service predicted additional snowfall for Tuesday night, especially in the higher elevations like the summit of I-80 between Cheyenne and Laramie.

Part one of the two-part storm ended Tuesday morning, but forecasters were still expecting more to come.

Winter weather was predicted to continue Tuesday night, with Laramie expecting to see an additional couple inches of snowfall.

Laramie’s Winter Storm Warning ended late-afternoon Tuesday, but a Winter Weather Advisory was scheduled to be in effect until mid-day today according to the National Weather Service in Cheyenne.

Meteorologist Rob Cox told the Laramie Boomerang on Tuesday morning the higher-elevations could see as much as 4 inches of additional snowfall Tuesday night, but snowfall within city limits should be on “the low end with maybe a couple inches at the most.”

The mountain zones received the brunt of the storm’s impacts, including the summit of Interstate 80 between Laramie and Cheyenne.

The Wyoming Department of Transportation reopened both directions of I-80 from Laramie to Cheyenne Tuesday afternoon after having them closed most of the morning due to winter conditions. Early Tuesday morning, fog and extremely low visibility caused closures on I-80 from Rawlins to Cheyenne.

Cox said additional travel impacts from snowfall were expected Tuesday night, especially with Tuesday’s warmer temperatures melting snow. The melted snow could “turn into black ice,” Cox said, causing “some slick conditions” in the same travel routes impacted Monday night, including I-80. Once temperatures go back below freezing, he added, snow accumulation on the roads would start to occur.

Although no closures or early dismissals were reported by Albany County School District No. 1 or the University of Wyoming, the weather did cause some postponements. The Albany County commissioners’ work session Tuesday morning was canceled due to interstate closures affecting the travel of a needed speaker. The work session will be rescheduled to occur before the Commission’s regular meeting May 7.

Additionally, a jury trial set to begin Tuesday morning was rescheduled to today because the defense attorney was unable to travel to Laramie from Rawlins. Jurors arrived, roll call was taken and they were immediately sent home for the day.

Although the weather affected travel around the southeast part of the state, the large snowfall amounts in the mountains could’ve been enticing for those interested in getting in some late-season snowmobiling or skiing. Cox cautioned those outdoor enthusiasts because, while the mountain range had seen a foot of snow already, “another foot (was) not out of the question.”

“If they’re actually out in it, they’re the ones that certainly need to be careful of potential disorientation from the low visibility,” Cox said.

As the weather calmed Tuesday morning, a car accident caused a power outage in Laramie affecting at least 500 people. Rocky Mountain Power reported the isolated outage, saying it was due to a car hitting a utility pole. Crews fixing the problem had to shut off power to address the issue, but power was restored early-afternoon Tuesday.

The NWS periodically updates its weather forecast on its website,, and its social media pages.

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