Jose Quihua

Jose Quihua

A 20-year-old Laramie man has been bound over to Albany County’s district court after he was charged with aggravated assault and battery for allegedly attacking his wife June 1.

Jose Quihua was arrested after Laramie Police Department officer John Rocha was dispatched to Spring Creek Road at the beginning of the month when a neighbor reported hearing “banging and loud noises.”

The neighbor also said Quihua’s young daughter came running over to the neighbor’s apartment and said “please help me, mommy and daddy are fight.”

The neighbor told Rocha he previously heard Quihua tell his daughter: “Do you want me to hit mommy?”

When Rocha arrived at the scene, he reported that the wife “had several scratch marks on the neckline of her hoodie,” according to Rocha’s affidavit of probable cause.

Quihua told the officer “he did not recall what the argument was between him and his wife.

The man “initially admitted he had scratched his wife during their argument and later denied causing the scratches.”

Rocha reported that the wife was 16 weeks pregnant and he “later observed some swelling on her face on the left hand side as well as a red mark on the upper left side of her lip.”

In Wyoming, an attack that might normally only constitute a misdemeanor battery charge is upgraded to felonious aggravated assault and battery if the victim is pregnant.

The neighbor told police he had previously observed several bruises on the arms of the defendant’s wife.

On the night of the attack, the neighbor said he had been with Quihua and his wife when the defendant was drinking alcohol and said “on several occasions that he was going to beat up his wife.”

Quihua is set to be arraigned in district court July 24.

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