Terrence Gadlin

Terrence Gadlin

A Laramie man has been charged with strangulation of a household member and numerous misdemeanors for an incident Sunday in which he allegedly attacked his ex-girlfriend and then led police on a chase through town.

In addition to the strangulation charge, 33-year-old Terrence “TJ” Gadlin has also been charged with unlawful entry into an occupied structure, domestic battery, property destruction, fleeing police officers, driving while under the influence, driving while his license was suspended, failing to stop at a stop sign and interference with a peace officer.

According to a police affidavit of probable cause, Gadlin entered his ex-girlfriend’s residence on North 15th Street around 5 a.m. Sunday morning and attacked her after breaking through both the front door and her bedroom door.

As officers from the Laramie Police Department arrived at the residence, Gadlin was getting into a green pickup and “yelled obscenities” at the officers as he speed away northbound “at a high rate of speed.”

LPD Officer Louis Cirillo pursued Gadlin’s pickup west out of Laramie on Reynolds Street, down Welsh Lane and back east into city limits again on Snowy Range Road.

After Wyoming Highway Patrol Trooper Rick Colling joined the pursuit as it continued in West Laramie, Gadlin finally pulled over on Washington Street and surrendered to police.

Once he was apprehended, Gadlin made some “non-sensical statements” and a breath test indicated Gadlin’s blood-alcohol content was 0.16%, according to the affidavit.

Cirillo obtained a search warrant for a blood draw, but Gadlin “would not cooperate in letting an adequate amount of blood to be drawn.”

When police met with Gadlin’s ex-girlfriend, she told them that she was asleep in bed with the father of her children at the time Gadlin broke in.

She awoke to Gadlin standing over her, yelling.

A fight ensued in the living room in which Gadlin allegedly began choking his ex-girlfriend for at least 30 seconds.

When the father of the victim’s children intervened, the fight continued outside before Gadlin got in his truck and left.

Police noted bleeding coming from a scratch on the victim’s neck and she said her neck hurt and it was painful to swallow.

Albany County circuit court Judge Robert Castor has ordered Gadlin to be held on a $15,000 cash bond. A preliminary hearing for the charges is scheduled for Monday.

Gadlin was stabbed, nearly fatally, in June 2018.

The perpetrator of that attack, 22-year-old Jake Gillen, was sentenced to 10-15 year imprisonment last month for the stabbing.

Gillen inflicted multiple lacerations and puncture wounds, including on Gadlin’s chest, neck and head. Gadlin was life-flighted to Colorado, where doctors performed open-heart surgery.

Prosecutor Ben Harwich said at Gillen’s sentencing that Gadlin had been “financially ruined” by the attack.

“His life trajectory has been severely altered,” Harwich said.

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