Tyler Wilson

Tyler Wilson

A Nebraska man has been charged with strangulation of a household member, a felony, after assaulting his boyfriend at their Laramie apartment on Friday.

Tyler Wilson, 22, was arrested and also charged with domestic battery, a misdemeanor.

After the attack around 2 a.m., Wilson’s boyfriend had fled their Bradley Street house and called UW Police from a 911 emergency box at the corner of 12th and Lewis streets.

When police arrived, Wilson’s boyfriend was “sobbing and had a red and swollen nose,” according to police affidavit of probable cause.

The boyfriend said that Wilson “hit him in the head and put his hands around his neck.”

When UW Police Sgt. Aaron Appelhans talked to Wilson, he “eventually communicated that he had pinned the victim down onto the bed by his shoulders and put his hand on his face.”

After the victim went to Ivinson Memorial Hospital, he told Appelhans that the attack began with an argument, during which Wilson pinned his boyfriend onto a bed and “started punching the victim in the back of the head.”

“The victim was able to get Wilson off of him and tried to escape through a window in the bedroom, however he was unsuccessful,” Appelhans’s affidavit states.

Wilson then allegedly put his hand over the victim’s mouth to prevent him from screaming, and eventually put a hand on the victim’s throat.

“The victim said that Wilson used his fingers to squeeze and apply pressure to the victim’s throat in the area of his Adam’s apple” and “it felt like his Adam’s apple was about to squeeze and pop,” according to the affidavit.

According to UW police records, Wilson is a student at the university.

IMH staff told police that the victim had scratch marks and redness on his neck.

Strangulation of a household member is a felony punishable by imprisonment of up to five years.

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