David Murray

David Murray

A Texas man has been charged with multiple felonies after he was arrested last week with 65 pounds of marijuana at a Laramie truck stop.

Wyoming Highway Patrol trooper Michael Petruso noticed a gray passenger vehicle driving at about 15 mph under the posted speed limit on Interstate 80 on Nov. 23. He followed the vehicle to Petro Fuel Station and made contact with the driver, 53-year-old David Murray, who said his brother had rented the vehicle for him.

When Petruso asked to see the rental agreement, he smelled “the strong odor of raw marijuana coming from inside of the vehicle,” according to his affidavit.

Murray was then handcuffed and placed in the front seat of a patrol vehicle.

While detained, Murray “slipped his handcuffs from behind him and pulled the electrical cords out of the panel which provide power and internet connectivity” to the patrol vehicle.

Murray then allegedly pulled a power cord apart from its plug, causing the keyboard to be inoperable.

Petruso searched Murray’s vehicle and found three black garbage bags filled with marijuana and dryer sheets.

The total weight of the marijuana was 65 pounds. A later search of the vehicle also found numerous THC vape pens and a loaded Smith and Wesson .40 caliber handgun with a round in the chamber.

Murray has been charged with felony possession of marijuana, unlawful possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance, property destruction and interference with a peace officer.

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