Robert "Robbie" Ramirez (web only)

A local advocacy group has released the autopsy report for Robbie Ramirez, who was fatally shot by Albany County Sheriff’s Office deputy Derek Colling in November. The report shows Ramirez was shot three times, including twice in the back.

In January, a grand jury opted not to indict Colling for involuntary manslaughter after he fatally shot Ramirez following a traffic stop. Although grand jury proceedings are shrouded in secrecy, Albany County Attorney Peggy Trent said in a January press release the grand jury was presented a variety of evidence surrounding the case over the course of two days, including footage from the police car dashboard camera and Colling’s body camera, recordings of radio traffic, toxicology reports and autopsy report photos.

In a Thursday press release, Albany County for Proper Policing said they obtained the autopsy report and permission to release it from Ramirez’s family. Along with the autopsy report, ACoPP released a video interview with KC Vernon, Albany County Coroner from 2011-2014, who explained some of “the technical aspects” of the report.

The autopsy report confirms Ramirez was shot three times. Bullet A hit him in the back of the arm, exited and hit him again in the chest. Bullets B and C hit Ramirez in the back. Vernon said during ACoPP’s video explanation, however, that it is impossible to know the order of the shots fired from the autopsy results alone. The names A, B and C, she said, are to differentiate the bullets from each other, not to indicate the order in which they were fired.

The toxicology screen showed Ramirez was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of his death.

ACoPP declined to comment further to the Boomerang about the autopsy release.

When contacted for comment, Trent said she was under “strict orders” by Tom Thompson, Albany County’s legal counsel from the local government liability pool, to not make “any statements or comments or to discuss any documentation relating to the Derek Colling shooting.”

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