Lewis Street design

This design for landscaping on Lewis Street was approved by the University of Wyoming’s board of trustees in July.

A planned overhaul of Lewis Street, between Ninth and 13th streets, is expected to cost $6.7 million, according for a request for proposals that the University of Wyoming put out.

Responses from contractors were due last week, but university officials have not said when they expect to select a contractor.

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Oh Wow

Why doesn't the city just cede everything within city limits to UW since they seem to think they own everything anyway. A CITY street.... that was supposed to be closed for only a short time while buildings were being built. Now it's 'well it's been closed for so long, lets just keep it closed and make a park because we obviously own it now'. WTH? Why is UW just running rough-shod over EVERYTHING. Things are pushed down faculty/staff throats and now, apparently, they're doing the same with the city. Just disgusting.

Oh Wow

And I understand that the city "vacated" (does that mean ceded? Gave? Or just allowed UW to close the street?) in 2014. Doesn't change my underlying point that UW thinks they own the city and can take whatever they want, whenever they want. I don't understand this attitude. UW needs to 'get over' themselves.

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