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The Albany County campus of the Laramie County Community College cut the ribbon on its new expansion in October. LCCC officials approached Albany County School District No. 1 this week about establishing a new board that would allow the two institutions to raise more tax funding for education in the county.

This year’s students at the Albany County Campus of the Laramie County Community College have 2,347 square feet of extra learning space now that the building’s renovations and expansion are complete.

During a ribbon cutting ceremony Tuesday night, the campus officially unveiled three new classrooms: two science classrooms and a larger lecture classroom.

Two of the new spaces were additions onto the building, while one was a renovation of part of the existing building.

Renovated from previous classroom space, the campus now has a multipurpose wet lab that can accommodate messier art and science classes with its concrete floors, sinks and drains.

Brady Hammond, associate vice president of the Albany County Campus, said the three new classrooms serve the students and staff by enabling the campus “to really offer a wider range of services,” especially in the science, technology, engineering and math fields.

The expansion also provides opportunities for community outreach, including potential future partnerships with the city, county, Albany County School District No.1 and the University of Wyoming.

“At the end of the day we talk about UW students, we talk about LCCC students, we talk about ACSD students, but they’re all Laramie students; they’re all Albany County students,” Hammond said. “We are the Albany County Campus, and it’s our mission to serve that community. That’s really the goal of these expansions.”

Hammond added the campus has already hit the ground running, recently hosting the Thrive Laramie steering committee in the new lecture classroom as the stakeholder group continued its discussions about Laramie’s new 10-year economic development plan.

“The large capacity allows us to engage with the community in ways we couldn’t before,” Hammond said.

The ribbon cutting ceremony Tuesday evening was in partnership with the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance and saw Albany County Campus board members, community members, LCBA members and even Albany County Rep. Dan Furphy, R-Laramie, and Rep. Cathy Connolly, D-Laramie, in attendance.

The campus expansion took place this summer and was designed and built by Cheyenne-based architect firm Tobin & Associates and Elk Ridge Builders & Design, LLC., respectively.

Established in 1977, the Albany County campus absorbed the Laramie Adult Learning Center and the Laramie Vocational School of Practical Nursing.

After bouncing around a few locations in Laramie, the college’s now 28,000-square-foot facility on Boulder Drive was built in 2006.

The facility also houses two computer labs, 10 general purpose classrooms, administrative offices for 28 full time faculty and staff, a testing center, a bookstore, and a library.

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