First baby of 2018

University of Wyoming assistant wrestling coach Ethan Kyle and his wife, Erin, admire their newborn baby boy, Kaleb, who was born at 12:01 a.m. New Year’s Day.

Laramie welcomed its first new resident of 2018 just one minute after the new year began when Kaleb Kyle was born to parents Ethan and Erin Kyle at one minute past midnight Monday.

Narrowly missing Erin’s due date of Dec. 31, Kaleb was born at Ivinson Memorial Hospital, weighing 7 pounds, 15 ounces at 21½ inches long.

“We’re pretty excited for this little guy,” Erin said.

Ethan, an assistant wrestling coach at the University of Wyoming, said Kaleb’s birthday was irrelevant to them and what mattered most was the baby’s health.

“Erin went into labor just naturally the morning of the 31st, so we thought we would follow directions and have the baby on the due date, but we just barely missed,” he said. “We were really just hoping for a healthy baby and that’s what we got.”

Kaleb’s mother chose his name.

“Erin liked the sound of it — ‘Kaleb Kyle’ rolled well,” Ethan said. “And it is biblical, so I okayed it.”

Leaving the hospital Tuesday afternoon, Ethan added the IMH staff was very helpful.

“I would definitely give a shout out to the staff here at Ivinson,” he said. “The nurses especially, but everyone has just been really incredible.”

Roughly 420 babies are delivered at IMH each year, said Kendle Dockham, the hospital’s marketing manager.

Globally, UNICEF estimates there were approximately 386,000 children born on New Year’s Day 2018, according to a news release. Roughly 11,280 of these children were born in the United States, the release states.

“Kiribati’s Christmas Island in the Pacific will most likely welcome 2018’s first baby; the United States, its last,” the release states. “Globally, over half of these (New Year’s Day) births are estimated to take place in nine countries.”

These nine countries are lead by India with 69,070, China with 44,760 and Nigeria with 20,210. The other countries — in descending order — include Pakistan, Indonesia, the U.S., the Democratic Republic of Congo and Ethiopia.

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