Summit winter weather (web only)

A snowy summit rest area on Interstate 80 east of Laramie earlier this month. A Laramie man died west of town on the interstate Sunday night.

As quickly as the winter weather settled in across southeastern Wyoming Wednesday evening, it seems to have wrapped up.

The National Weather Service in Cheyenne told the Laramie Boomerang this morning the brunt of the storm is over, with cold temperatures lingering through the evening.

“You’ll probably still have some light snow flurries into the afternoon but probably not much more accumulation,” NWS meteorologist Richard Emanuel said this morning. “You might even potentially see a few peeks of sun this afternoon.”

Despite the break from snowfall, Laramie will still see cold temperatures through Friday morning. Emanuel said the temperatures will probably stay in the teens todayclearing out in the evening “with probably a low around 5 degrees.” 

Then it’ll be warming up (Friday), little breezy again, with winds coming up out of the west and probably warming up into the mid-30s,” Emanuel said.

Total, Laramie saw between a half inch and 2.5 inches of snow, although wind and other factors may affect amounts in different areas.

Emanuel said the storm, which was originally predicted to bring up to 6 inches of snow by Friday morning, “picked up a little speed and moved a little faster.” 

“That kind of put a limit on snow amounts,” he said.

Although the worst of the storm is over, Emanuel advised drivers to continue to be cautious on the roads. The Wyoming Department of Transportation has listed Interstate 80 on its travel map as slick with blowing snow this morning.

“Just get through today, watch out for the cold and careful driving and just delay driving if you can until the roads improve,” Emanuel said.  

In a news release Wednesday, the city also cautioned residents to be mindful of trees heavy with snowfall or ice, especially since a lot of them still have leaves.

“Avoid walking and driving under trees laden with heavy snow,” the news release reads.

The news release added, if it is safe to do so, to try to remove fallen branches out of public rights-of-way like alleys or streets.

Luckily temperatures will bounce back, warming up this weekend to a high of 48 on Saturday.

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