Justin Blakeman

Reportedly angry after he spilled vodka on his computer, a 19-year-old Laramie man is alleged to have launched into harrowing assault of his girlfriend Sunday, leaving the woman battered and afraid for her life.

Justin Blakeman is charged with felonious strangulation of a household member, domestic battery and property destruction.

During the attack at The Quarters at Laramie, Justin Blakeman allegedly choked his girlfriend until she nearly lost consciousness.

When a Laramie Police Department officer responded to the scene, the victim described the incident as “the most terrifying thing she had ever experienced,” according to a police affidavit.

The attack reportedly began when Blakeman accidentally spilled vodka on his computer, breaking it.

When his girlfriend went to see why he was angry, Blakeman then began to punch, slap and bite the victim.

She fled to her own bedroom and locked the door, which Blakeman quickly broke through. The victim then called 911 and put the phone down so Blakeman wouldn’t know she called police.

In the victim’s 911 phone call, she could be heard saying “please help.”

In the background, Blakeman’s voice is heard demanding to know whom the victim was calling, according to the affidavit.

When she denies talking to anyone, Blakeman says “then shut the f- — up.”

The victim also managed to send a Facebook message to the couple’s roommate, saying “please help me he’s going to kill me.”

During this period, Blakeman continued to hit the victim before he opted to choke her.

Police arrived to interrupt the attack, discovering a distraught victim with multiple instances of swelling and other injuries.

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