Home On The Range Animal Haven Founder Deb Roberts pats two of the animal sanctuary’s seven donkeys a couple miles south of Laramie.

A $25,0000 donation the Home On the Range animal sanctuary received in the last two weeks means the nonprofit should have enough funding to move to a new location south of Laramie.

With funding hard to come by, the animal sanctuary was at risk of shutting down this year after the landlord from whom the animal sanctuary currently rents land decided she wanted Home On the Range to vacate the current site.

Just more than weeks ago, the animal sanctuary was told the property needed to be vacated by Oct. 1.

However, Home On the Range was far short of funds to buy shelter to house its animals on a new location that’s been identified at a parcel of land behind the Cavalryman Steakhouse.

Since then, lawyers in both sides have become involved, and Home On the Range founder Deb Roberts told the Laramie Boomerang on Saturday that lawyers have negotiated for the animal sanctuary to stay on the current site until Nov. 1.

Guernsey’s Wyoming Cowboy ChalleNGe Academy, a quasi-military academy for 16- to 18-year-olds, brought cadets to Laramie this weekend to spend all of Saturday and Sunday to help Home On the Range to pack up possessions at the current site to be moved to the new property.

“The animals will be one of the last things that will get moved,” Roberts said. “It will probably be 2-3 weeks before the animals are moved.”

It was a $25,000 donation, from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous, that the animal sanctuary received at the end of September that’s really changed the nonprofit’s prospects.

“Just when I was almost thinking that we couldn’t go forward, we got a pledge of $25,000,” Roberts said.

Before that donation, Home On the Range didn’t have the resources to construct housing for its animals at the new site.

With the major donation in hand, Roberts said she’s now in the process of ordering shelter for the animals.

At the current location, the only buildings Home On the Range owns and will be able to take with it are three loafing sheds.

Home On the Range has seven donkeys, six goats, three horses, two ponies, one sheep and some chickens. The organization takes in old, neglected, abused and abandoned animals.

The nonprofit’s mission is “returning the animals to sound physical, social and emotional health while providing a forever home and working with community organizations to enhance the well-being, sense of purpose and self-worth of its individuals.”

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