Ivinson Memorial Hospital is making it easier to find information about providers, service lines and even the layout of the hospital.

IMH launched a new website June 4, designing a more user-friendly and easily navigable interface, Marketing Manager Kendle Dockham said.

“We knew that we needed to update the website,” she said. “It just was not performing the way that we wanted it to and it wasn’t as nice of a resource for our guests and our patients that come to the hospital.”

In January, IMH teamed with Seattle-based design firm Gridwork — a company that previously worked on the website for Wyoming Medical Center in Casper.

The new, cleaner look of IMH’s relaunched website features three main tabs — “patient care,” “our providers” and “guest info.” The tabs, stylized in all lowercase letters, take visitors directly to the information they seek, Dockham said.

“We have three main subjects that we really felt represented Ivinson and who our guests are and what information they’re going to end up looking for,” she said.

The new design is also friendly to mobile- and tablet-users, tightening up the layout when accessed on smaller screens.

“We recognize that many of our families and patients who are searching for health care and who they’re going to go to and what services we have — they’re on their mobile devices, whether that be their iPad or their iPhone or whatever device they end up using,” Dockham said.

The redesign is all about expanding access, Chief Operating Officer Holly Zajic says in a news release.

“Our team was forward-thinking when they came up with the design concept,” she says. “The focus was to improve the functionality for our mobile users and ease the burden on families who use advanced technologies to make informed healthcare decisions.”

The “our providers” tab brings site visitors to a list of physicians, hospitalists and other providers who work for or are affiliated with IMH. Profiles include a provider’s background, education and contact information, which Dockham said will help the public make informed decisions about their health care.

“That’s how we do it now — we research our health care before we go and figure out where we’re going to go because that’s a decision we get to make,” she said. “Providers being able to talk directly to their patients eases that burden, or fear of, going to the doctor’s office — or going to the hospital, for that matter.”

Currently, site visitors cannot schedule visits through the site itself — though they can continue onto the patient portal and request an appointment there. However, Dockham said, the site could possibly gain this functionality when IMH switches to a new software system in about a year.

“At this point, we’re directing those who want to make an appointment to either call, or visit the patient portal, and they can request there,” she said.

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