The sexual assault and sexual battery charges pending against former University of Wyoming football player Carl Granderson involve two victims, according to the affidavit of probable cause filed in his case.

The University of Wyoming announced Thursday that Granderson, who had been expected to be picked in the upcoming NFL draft, has been charged with third-degree sexual assault.

Two women reported to the UW Police Department on Nov. 26 that Granderson “had touched them sexually, without their permission, while they were sleeping” that same day.

Granderson and both women had been staying at an off-campus apartment the night before.

On Thursday, the Albany County Circuit Court denied both the Laramie Boomerang and the Casper Star-Tribune access to the court documents filed in Granderson’s case.

While Wyoming statute protects sexual assault defendant’s names from begin revealed during circuit court proceedings, a 2014 Wyoming Supreme Court decision determined proceedings and redacted versions of sexual assault records must remain open to the public while charges are pending in circuit court.

The Albany County Circuit Court’s initial refusal to provide court records in was in violation of that Wyoming Supreme Court’s decision.

On Friday, the court clerks reversed course, providing the Laramie Boomerang with Granderson’s records after the Albany County Attorney’s Office filed a redacted version of the affidavit and charges.

On Thursday, the circuit court’s public terminal mistakenly stated Granderson was charged with second-degree sexual assault. The actual charging documents obtained Friday by the Boomerang clarify he is charged with third-degree sexual assault, which involves “sexual contact … without inflicting sexual intrusion on the victim and without causing serious bodily injury to the victim.”

If Granderson were convicted of third-degree sexual assault, he would face up to 10 years imprisonment.

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