University of Wyoming Cowboy Nyaires Redding, Senior, drives the ball past South Carolina’s Tre Campbell on Dec. 5 in Laramie.

A former University of Wyoming basketball player was acquitted Tuesday of all charges stemming from an alleged altercation at a downtown Laramie bar late last year.

A six-person jury found Ny Redding not guilty of one count of simple battery and one count of simple assault following a daylong trial inside an Albany County circuit courtroom. The jury deliberated for roughly 30 minutes before reaching a verdict following a trial that saw the prosecution and defense call a combined 10 witnesses.

“On behalf of my client Ny, we are so glad that the truth and all of the facts surrounding the December incident have finally been able to be made known,” defense attorney Megan Overmann-Goetz told the Laramie Boomerang in an email. “Mr. Redding has been adamant since he was charged that he never hit anyone that night, and that’s exactly what the jury found. We are grateful for the jurors and a judicial system that ensures justice prevails.”

Overmann-Goetz is also representing former star UW football player Carl Granderson regarding the sexual assault charges filed against him in February.

The most serious allegation made by prosecutors was that Redding struck a female University of Wyoming student, leaving her unconscious.

A senior point guard for the Cowboys last season, Redding started the first nine games before being suspended indefinitely after the Laramie Police Department cited Redding for disorderly conduct and inciting a fight during an altercation at Roxie’s on Grand in the wee hours of Dec. 9.

Those municipal citations were later dropped when Albany County prosecutors decided to charge Redding with battery and simple assault, both misdemeanors, for the same incident.

The state alleged that Redding struck UW student Molly Pickerill and left her unconscious — something Pickerill also claimed in an interview with the Star-Tribune following the alleged incident. Redding was also charged with misdemeanor assault based on allegations he pushed Jayce Kelley, one of Pickerill’s roommates.

Both charges are punishable by fines, but Redding could have also faced up to six months in jail had he been convicted.

According to the original citation for simple assault, the citation said Redding also “did unlawfully attempt to cause bodily injury to another, Katie Schrater, swung at her, nicking her nose, drawing blood.”

Three witnesses called by the defense testified that they didn’t see Redding strike Pickerill. Each said it was Redding who was being attacked by other people there that night and that he was acting more in self-defense.

Bobby Watkins, the coach of Wyoming’s women’s rugby team who said he was at the bar celebrating a friend’s going-away party, testified that he didn’t know who struck Pickerill, but “I can tell you it wasn’t Ny,” he said.

Boomerang staff contributed to this report.

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