An Albany County Transit Authority bus turns the corner at First and Garfield streets, making its way east from downtown. The Albany County Transportation Authority has been defunct for four years, though the entity still formally exists.

Prompted by an inquiry from the Department of Audit, Albany County officials are weighing what the future of the Albany County Transit Authority should entail.

The board has been dormant since 2015, when funding ran out and the group’s last bus route was taken over by the University of Wyoming.

However, the board wasn’t dissolved, and per state statute, is required to submit copies of its budget to the Department of Audit each year.

But since ACTA has been defunct for four years, it’s had no budgets to report to the state.

“The Department of Audit basically told me that if it wasn’t a functioning board, then it should be dissolved,” Albany County Clerk Jackie Gonzales said.

Only a resolution from the county commissioners is required to dissolve the board.

However, after a discussion at a meeting of the county board earlier this month, it’s unlikely ACTA will be dissolved any time soon.

Instead, the county is likely to file budgets — with $0 in expenditures and $0 in revenue — to the state to stay in compliance with statute.

Albany County Attorney Peggy Trent recommended the board stay intact, noting the community’s interest in transportation issues. She also said if the county were again to someday pursue grant-funding to restart a bus system, a transit authority might be required to be eligible for some grants.

“Per state statute, it appears that this is the vehicle for us to pursue transportation to West Laramie and other communities,” Trent said.

The transit authority was formed in 2011 and operated the Gem City Grand bus route for a few years, making 14 stops along Grand Avenue, beginning downtown and ending at Walmart.

Funding for ACTA’s operations dried up after a proposed mill levy was voted down and the group was denied a grant from the Wyoming Department of Transportation.

Trent recommended reconvening an ACTA board to consider what the entity’s future should look like.

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