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Laramie Chamber Business Alliance director Brad Enzi discussed an agreement with Albany County Commissioners during a Tuesday commission meeting.

Albany County Commissioners and the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance signed a deal this week that will have LCBA’s handle business affairs of certain county properties for five years in lieu of LCBA reimbursing the county for $100,000 loan that was given to Laramie Economic Development Commission.

The county lent LEDC $100,000 in 2012 for the now-defunct group to develop a trans-modal freight delivery site at an unused rail spur south of town.

Albany County Attorney Peggy Trent said Tuesday that loan “probably should not have occurred.”

“We aren’t allowed to give loans of government moneys under the constitution,” she said.

LEDC merged with the Laramie Area Chamber of Commerce in 2014 to form LCBA.

Under the original agreement between LEDC and Albany County, LEDC was originally supposed to start paying back the loan with interest within 10 years beginning on Feb. 1, 2017.

Under the new agreement with LCBA, the $100,000 as the business group becomes responsible for providing, for a period of five years, “tenant management and economic development services, including day-to-day management, marketing and economic development activities” for the Warren Sports Complex/Bill Hixenbaugh Baseball Fields, as well as the county property at 3821 Beech Street and the Turner Tract project adjacent to the Beech Street property.

Before the deal was signed, Albany County grants manager Tai Wright had been handling some of the day-to-day oversight of those properties.

Under the new deal, LCBA director Brad Enzi will handle “middle-of-the-night calls” for issues like triggered fire alarms and water leaks.

LCBA will also screen and select tenants for county properties, and the 11 page agreement details other efforts LCBA is responsible for with regard to marketing and management.

“What’s interesting is that we’ve had an informal relationship with the (Laramie) Chamber Business Alliance, and the city has a formal one, and so this gives us a framework to have a more productive, legally-formalized relationship,” Commissioner Heber Richardson said. “That’s not to say this is the way it will stay. This is the first stab at it.”

Enzi told the commissioners the agreement “gives good checkpoints for accountability over time.”

Under the agreement, the county will also release its mortgage on LCBA’s 1.67-acre property at the Laramie Rivers Business Park.

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Ernest Bass

Another economic development boondoggle gone bust in Laramie. In 2011 LEDC was awarded $1,505,050 in grants and loans to build the South Laramie Trans-Modal Rail Spur Project (Boomerang, 1/27/2011). Quotes from article: “The LEDC has received about 20 inquiries from companies interested in relocating to Laramie if there was rail transport available, the press release says. “Our new trans-modal site should give Laramie another competitive advantage when recruiting new businesses,” Stockman (LEDC CEO) added.”

It now appears the project was an absolute failure, a total waste of money. Taxpayers were sold a bill of goods. LEDC failed to repay their (apparently illegal according to Trent) loan. And now the loan will be forgiven if LCBA answers the phone late at night for five years? How do they (LCBA) get away with that? You try failing to pay back a $100,000 loan and see what happens to you. Who is getting rich off the many failed economic development scams (Rail Spur, CBM, WellDog, Cirrus Sky, Riverside Acres, Bright Agrotech, etc.) in Laramie? Follow the money.

Ernest Bass

If LCBA owes the city for its loan of $100,000 as they do the county, perhaps they could work it off by collecting leaves in the fall and Christmas trees for five years.


I see Brad Enzi is continuing to build on his resume working for private entities who like to improperly receive taxpayer money...


Great observations, another example of gullible-if not outright stupid- let alone probably illegal (as Trent asserts...) decision. How do they get away with it???i
If any of us were in that pickle, we would be mandated bya proper court to repay--via garnishment, outside lending facility, or in the extreme: asset forfeiture and auction/sale of goods, etc.
At this juncture, why would you even allow a 5 year cheesy babysitting-like posture to constitute fair recompense? And trusting Enzi, now boot? What color is the sky in your world?

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