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The Albany County Planning and Zoning Commission will revisit the 90-day moratorium on the Casper Aquifer Overlay Zone during a special meeting 7 p.m. Wednesday.

The moratorium over development in the Casper Aquifer Overlay Zone remains in effect, Albany County Attorney Peggy Trent said, until the planning commission “makes a recommendation or 14 days elapse from the date the moratorium was adopted by the (Albany County) Commissioners.”

“[Wednesday’s] delay by the planning commissioners in deciding whether to continue the temporary moratorium … provides the planning commission an opportunity to devise an exemption process to ensure a balance between private property rights and protecting the Casper Aquifer while they examine the County’s regulations relating to the Aquifer Protection Overlay Zone,” she said in a statement to the Boomerang Thursday.

The planning commission will host a special meeting to revisit the issue and the potential moratorium exemption process with input from the County Planner David Gertsch.

The exemption process would allow residents to continue with construction should it not post a risk to the Casper Aquifer, which provides Laramie with over half its drinking water. The process includes an application, meeting Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality standards, site plans for the property and engineer inspection and review.

Should the county planning commission approve the moratorium with the exceptions, the Albany County Commission will meet June 20 to “consider the adoption of a resolution revising the temporary moratorium to include the proposed exemption,” she said.

If the county commissioners pass the resolution, Trent said the county will “re-set the public hearing for public comments” and extend the moratorium “not to exceed 90 days from the June 11 date with the exemption.”

Should the planning commission delay the vote further, the moratorium would expire June 24.

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Whoa! Hey! What in the Great Almighty name of God is going on here? It seems that the law firm of Nicolas & Tangeman are totally confused; this is the same law firm that was so worried and concerned about the Casper Aquifer that in July 19 , 2017 they recommended the County purchase the over-priced sheep pasture land east of Laramie for $14 million dollars to protect the Casper Aquifer- Laramie's only clean -fresh drinking water. This same duo are now fighting to put a truck stop on top of the Casper Aquifer and the County Attorney (Trent) appears to be helping them get the job done. I do know when Trent was in private practice in Laramie she worked "very well" with Nicolas & Tangeman, and- it appears she still does to this day. I don't know how Trent can claim "what the new owners have done to the Tumbleweed was grandfathered in". The new owners have installed high volume diesel pumps for fueling over the road semi trucks. This will not only be bad for the aquifer , but, this will also put heavy truck traffic in a residential neighborhood -this is not what the Tumbleweed was grandfathered in as. Also, in the July 19, 2017 Boomerang article Phil Nicholas was the Brokering Attorney to find a buyer for the land at a 10% commission. Which means that a $1.4 million dollars of taxpayers money would be pocketed by Phil Nicholas.

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