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Two new solid waste trucks will be added to the city’s fleet after the Laramie City Council voted unanimously to approve them at a recent meeting.

One truck is a side-arm loading truck for residential neighborhoods with the ability to pick up poly cart receptacles on either side of the street. The other is a front-loader built for large commercial containers.

Including trade-in of the old vehicle, the front-loading truck cost over $247,000, while the side-arm-loading refuse truck had a $334,749 price tag including trade-in.

The new trucks are replacements for older trucks as part of the city’s recommended vehicle and equipment replacement schedule. The schedule considers age, mileage, operating hours and life expectancy.

Vice Mayor Pat Gabriel asked what the average life expectancy is for the trucks, and Public Works director Brooks Webb said the current front-loading vehicle being replaced is pushing 10,000 hours at around 10 years old.

“That’s about normal, especially for the front loaders,” he said. “The ones that pick up the poly carts, we’re between seven to eight years on those until they start really take out a lot of maintenance.”

After a member of the public asked if the front- and side-loading trucks could be combined into one truck to cut costs, Webb said the design alone would be an “astronomical cost.”

“I’ve been in the solid waste industry for 35 years, I’ve never seen a truck that will efficiently do both,” Webb said.

The city placed a public bid for the trucks using its standard procedure.

Although Casper-based CMI-Teco submitted a lower bid for the side-arm loading truck at $314,663 including trade-in, they did not meet the minimum specifications of the bid. The city ultimately went with Peterbilt out of Cheyenne.

The side-arm loader also went to bid and saw three bids from too different companies. Again, two of the bids — one from Peterbilt and one from CMI-Teco — failed to meet the minimum bid qualifications. The city recommended choosing the second Peterbilt bid with LaBrie for the project, which was priced between the other two bids.

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