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One of two projects approved by the Laramie City Council during its meeting November 5 is to increase the size of the water main to the northern campus of the Municipal Operations Center. 

The Laramie City Council voted Nov. 5 to approve two professional service agreements relating to infrastructure north of Laramie, but one council member wanted to see more local involvement on the projects.

Cheyenne-based AVI Engineering was chosen to extend the water line to the Municipal Operations Center-North Campus. The project will bring the line up to city standards so it can provide adequate water pressure for fire suppression.

“It will also provide the base work for moving a system to that area for future growth and development and allowing for businesses to connect to that as we grow that direction,” said city civil engineer William Winkler.

The council agreed to a total cost of $140,502 including contingency.

For the design of an outfall line north of Laramie, city staff recommended choosing Cheyenne-based Sunrise Engineering with a total cost of $239,360 including contingency.

The sewer outfall will service the northern portion of the city, including the Cirrus Sky development, extending from 30th Street and Asphalt Lane over to the main lift station.

The outfall project is being funded through a State Revolving Fund loan, and the city consulted with the program as they issued the RFQ for the project.

Although she said she trusted city staff’s judgment on which companies best fit each of the projects, councilwoman Jessica Stalder also noted there was one detail that stood out.

“Between the last two agreements, we’ve stimulated Cheyenne’s economy to the tune of $379,862,” she said. “I just think there are great engineering firms here.”

When the city chooses to issue a request for qualifications for professional services on a project, typically the submitted proposals are vetted and interviewed by knowledgeable staff before a finalist is chosen.

Five applicants submitted bids for each project, including three Laramie companies.

Per the city’s purchasing procedures and policies, selections for engineering services through RFQs must be based on qualification and are judged by a variety of factors, including the firm’s experience with similar projects, qualifications of the firm’s personnel and previous experiences the firm has had working with the city.

The council voted unanimously to accept both professional service agreements. Vice Mayor Pat Gabriel was absent.

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