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Wyoming Department of Transportation employees will be completing projects in Laramie in 2022 and 2023, and the city wants to complete design for utility work underneath the two major projects — Bill Nye Avenue and Third Street — to coincide with WYDOT’s schedules. The Laramie City Council voted to approve the progress on these projects during Tuesday’s meeting.

The Laramie City Council approved three agreements during its meeting Tuesday for infrastructure projects looking to accommodate future city growth. Much of the underground work being done will ensure the city won’t need to tear up the newly surfaced road to fix utilities underneath.

Two of the agreements are working to line up with the Wyoming Department of Transportation’s project timelines, one of which is for the improvements to Third Street slated for 2023. City civil engineer William Winkler explained to the council the city is moving forward with the design for utility work under Third Street in preparation for WYDOT’s project.

“Knowing the work that they plan to achieve with their project — milling the roadway and installing medians, and various upgrades in that area — staff has worked with our utilities department to determine the areas of need for our utilities prior to them overlaying on top of them,” Winkler said.

After considering five requests for qualifications, the city chose WWC Engineering for the design project.

The city will partner with WYDOT for work on phase two expansion of Bill Nye Avenue as well, which is scheduled for 2022. Interim public works director Brooks Webb said the city identified the need for a sewer line under the proposed street to accommodate future development expected once the street is complete.

The council had to vote to approve the cooperative agreement so city staff could have the project design complete by WYDOT’s deadline of October 2020.

“WYDOT will take that design and roll it into their project and construction of the sewer line will then happen with the street at the same time,” Webb said.

Councilman Bryan Shuster said the project is much needed as an additional outlet out of Laramie High School and that he’ll be “happy to see this” once it’s complete.

Another project looking at long-term city growth, the city identified the need for additional sewer hookups in the northern part of town to accommodate future developments. The North Laramie Sanitary Sewer Trunk Main project will run from the city’s main lift station east to the intersection of 30th Street and Asphalt Lane, and it will provide service to new developments as well as relief to current lines in the area. The council voted to approve the documents from the State Revolving Fund loan used to fund the project.

The City Council voted unanimously to approve all three measures. Councilman Brian Harrington was absent from the meeting.

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