Cold Case

Authorities continue to investigate possible criminal charges against a Laramie man in connection to the 1985 murder of Shelli R. Wiley.

Fredrick Lamb was charged in 2016 with first-degree murder and arson in connection to the 1985 death of Wiley, who was a University of Wyoming student at the time, but those charges were later dropped “without prejudice.”

After the current investigation is completed, the county will assess whether charges should be filed again, Albany County Attorney Peggy Trent said.

“The state and law enforcement are continuing to conduct additional testing and additional investigation,” she said.

“Once (the investigation is) completed, we will then assess the case for potential refiling.”

Previously, Trent asked the court to dismiss Lamb’s charges “without prejudice,” as additional DNA testing of evidence was necessary but could not be completed by the filing deadline, and was dismissed of his charges until further notice.

Evidence from tests such as DNA, blood stain, fingerprint analysis, a certified fire investigation and forensic footwear impression testing of the crime scene, were also requested by the state.

“Due to time constraints, the state elected to dismiss the charges without prejudice which allows the state to refile charges against Fred Lamb upon completion of all testing by experts and trial preparation,” she said.

According to Laramie Boomerang articles from the week of the incident, Laramie firefighters responded to a fire the morning of Oct. 20, 1985, where firefighters found Wiley’s remains at the site.

According to court documents, Lamb told Laramie Police Officers he was asleep in a nearby apartment when he was awoken by people pounding on the door stating there was a fire. He was later connected to the crime after a DNA analysis taken from blood splatter on the door in the building and the DNA profiles from the crime scene belonging to both Wiley and Lamb placed them at the scene.

Lamb was employed as an Albany County Sheriff’s Office deputy from Jan. 1, 1974-May 1, 1985, and served in the LPD before that. He did not work for either agency during the time of Wiley’s death.

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. . . and he admitted that he killed her.


Get your facts right before you start spewing false information.


What was the big rush to file charges now. Why didn't they wait until they had the evidence back from the crime lab. Instead of wasting time and money prepairing for a trial and then dropping the charges. They should of had the evidence before they filed the charges.

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