Laramie Landfill

To address previous questions posed about a proposed landfill voucher program, Laramie city staff extended the timeframe Albany County residents would be allowed to use the program and added an online option for the vouchers.

During the Laramie City Council regular session, Laramie Public Works Director Earl Smith presented a revised version of a proposed ordinance that could allow Albany County residents to use a free one-time voucher at the landfill in the spring instead of the city’s current free landfill day, which coincides with Laramie’s Community Clean-up Day.

“We’ve extended the period (from 12 days) up to 30 days,” Smith said.

“And we’ve added an option for vouchers to be available online as well as at the Solid Waste Division.”

Councilor Klaus Hanson said 30 days was better than 12, but he didn’t understand why a timeframe was needed at all.

“I will still vote for this,” Hanson said. “But I think you’re excluding days when there are things that still need to be brought to the landfill.”

In contrast, Councilor Bryan Shuster said the fee-waiver was not intended to serve as a catchall for people illegally dumping furniture in the street as they moved out of a residence, but rather as a reward for people who volunteered to clean up the community.

“This was made for the citizens of Laramie,” Shuster said. “We didn’t want to have it so people could do it for apartment cleanups or save all their trash for a year, put in a dump truck and bring it in for the one free day. We didn’t make this for people moving out.”

Smith said the move to a voucher program would decrease overtime costs and equipment hours at the landfill, which would significantly reduce the single fee-waiver day’s affect on the Solid Waste Division’s budget.

“The other reason for this is on a typical day we see about 115 vehicles per day at landfill,” he said. “The landfill is designed to handle about 300 vehicles a day, so it can easily accommodate regular traffic. But on the free landfill day, we can see over 1,000 vehicles at the landfill.”

The council approved the proposed voucher program ordinance’s second reading 8-0, with Councilor Pat Gabriel absent.

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