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Budget season is underway, and the Laramie City Council is making quick work through its budget for fiscal year 2020, which spans from July 2019 to the end of June 2020.

The council approved a biennium budget in 2018 for FY 2019 and FY 2020, so many of the discussions this spring have centered around amending the budget as new projects and needs are discovered.

During a special meeting May 28, the Council approved four amendments to the budget for FY 2020. All four amendments passed unanimously, with Councilman Charles McKinney absent for the meeting.

One amendment involves adding $400,000 to the fiscal years 2019 and 2020 budget for street rehabilitation on Mitchell Street. About half of the project is funded by unspent specific purpose tax funds from 2002, a source that perplexed council members. City Manager Janine Jordan explained during the Council’s May 21 meeting the bonds authored by the county over-collected funds, which must be dispersed and used in accordance with the ballot language.

Jordan added the city’s bonds — both in 2010 and the specific purpose tax most recently passed —are structured so there is “no overcollection allowed.”

The area has a pavement condition index of 39, and Councilman Paul Weaver asked if there was a lot of poorly rated PCIs in the area and how that may correlate to other infrastructure concerns.

“I know that we have some drainage issues concentrated in some of the northern sections of the city, and I’m just curious if those go right along with some of our poorer PCI scores,” he said during the May 21 meeting.

City staff said they’d need to get Weaver more information about PCIs in the area.

The second budget amendment adds around $430,000 for designing upgrades to the sanitary sewer line running along Reynolds Street, which are needed in order to accommodate any future development in the area.

The third involves adding $140,000 to the adjusted budget to make needed repairs to an alleyway from Garfield Street to Grand Avenue between Second and Third streets.

The fourth amendment didn’t add or subtract any funds, but instead rebudgeted over $611,000 due to delayed delivery of two solid waste trucks. Since the new expected date is very close to the transition between fiscal years, finance manager Jennifer Wade explained to the Council the funds were moved from FY 2019 to FY 2020 to ensure accuracy.

Currently, the total proposed amended budget stands with a total of over $39 million in estimated total requirements and appropriations for the General Fund, over $60.6 million in the Utility Fund, over $15 million in the Solid Waste Fund and almost $22 million in the Major Capital Construction Fund.

City Council will officially vote on the amended budget and any additional amendments during its June 11 meeting.

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