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There was barely a quorum Tuesday evening as the Laramie City Council voted to approve the city’s multi-million-dollar budget for Fiscal Year 2020, which starts July 1.

Councilwoman Jessica Stalder arrived just in time to vote, and the budget was approved unanimously by the six present members.

Mayor Joe Shumway, Councilwoman Erin O’Doherty and Councilman Paul Weaver were absent for the vote.

The City Council did not propose any amendments to the FY20 budget.

Although the Council voted to approve four amendments to the proposed budget at a May 28 special meeting, all four amendments were proposed by city staff.

No members of the council had any comments about the budget during Tuesday’s meeting.

Last year, the Council voted to approve a biennium budget for FY19-FY20. This budget session, the Council held a series of work sessions this spring to comb through adjustments in each fund to reflect changes in project timelines, funding resources or new discoveries since last year’s vote.

In the Council’s May 14 work session, City Manager Janine Jordan assured the Council the budget is “structurally balanced.”

The Council approved adjusted budgets for each fund, including the Solid Waste, Utility, Recreation Center, Major Capital Construction and General funds.

The General Fund saw increases in adjusted funding to areas including the engineering department, which saw an increase of over $1 million, and general accounts, which saw an increase of almost $6 million. Accounts within the General Fund that saw decreases were emergency medical services, which saw a decrease of over $37,000 and the public works administration, which saw a decrease of over $400,000.

The Utility Fund, consisting of Wastewater and Water Funds, saw an adjustment of over $33 million for an amended budget of $60 million. Proposed projects for this fiscal year include almost $15 million for design and construction of a water storage tank in north Laramie to improve water pressure and supply to current residents and for future development.

The Council also approved allocations for projects funded by the specific purpose tax approved in November’s election. Allocations in the $14 million budgeted for SPT-funded projects are $810,000 for street repairs and over $3 million for a fire training tower for the Laramie Fire Department in FY19-20. Looking forward, potential SPT-funded projects for fiscal years 2020-2021 include $330,000 for indoor leisure pool updates at the Laramie Community Recreation Center and over $2 million for street repairs and reconstruction around town.

Unlike ordinances, which are considered in three readings, the City Council approves resolutions — including the budget — in one reading.

Weaver and O’Doherty were present for subsequent agenda items in Tuesday’s meeting.

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