The Laramie City Council delved into a number of topics during its second meeting of the month earlier this week, but one of the major discussions revolved around two of the budgets.

First up was a resolution that allowed the city to transfer “unencumbered or unexpected” appropriations balances from one fund to another. Deputy administrative service director Jennifer Wade explained this transfer during the meeting.

“The first budget what I think of in my mind as our normal year-end adjustment,” she said. “What this means is as we are closing out our fiscal year end, we are looking at our budget for any final adjustments that need to be made for the previous fiscal year.”

The fiscal year ended June 30, meaning that the city is now in FY 2021.

The city needed to make some final adjustments for the budget, to the tune of $1.8 million, but Wade was quick to explain that the number shouldn’t alarm anyone.

“Most of it is actually an adjustment to our self insurance fund based on medical claims,” she said.

She broke down the adjustments categorically, explaining all of the amounts.

One adjustment was in the governmental funds account, which needed to be adjusted by $543,275, but Wade explained only a portion of that amount ($115,405) hadn’t already been approved by the city council.

Some of the reasons for adjustments included the purchase of a Laramie Police squad car that had been damaged while in the line of duty. Since it was an older vehicle, the insurance claim didn’t fully offset the replacement cost.

Another adjustment included some bills that are received on a yearly or biannual basis, instead of monthly. Wade explained the city received two years worth of billing on its Motorola contract, which came out to around $55,000. There were also some equipment rental costs that popped up, and a few budgets that just needed to be “cleaned up,” as Wade explained.

Councilman Brian Harrington inquired about the new squad car, wondering if the purchase aligned with the city’s pledge to be more responsible about its carbon footprint. Wade did say the city and police department will soon be getting hybrid cars, but the particular case she mentioned wasn’t included in that.

One of the council members asked Wade about the reasoning for the delay in the Motorola bill, to which she couldn’t speak.

The council unanimously voted to pass the resolution to amend the budgets, with eight voting ye, with one council member absent.

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