UW athletics budget explained

Photo illustration by JEREMY MARTIN/Boomerang photographer

Millions of dollars are on the chopping block, and no Wyoming state agency is safe.

Amidst a state budget in constant flux, one $8 million budget request meant to help athletes has remained steady.

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Athletic funding is simple. Just look at the billions the networks spend every year for the TV rights to broadcast games across the country. Couple that with the billions in advertisement and endorsements (Pepsi, Gatorade, etc.) and you have a monstrous economic juggernaut.
Whining about budget cuts by athletic departments- it's just that- whining. They don't want to give up their fat paychecks because UW can't compete and therefore can't get the TV contracts. No one will pay or travel icy roads to see teams loose year after year. Making to any bowl game (even some unknown game on Dec. 22nd) has nothing to do with the team, but everything to do with how much money the athletic departments will get in ticket sales, royalties, endorsements, etc.
If UW can't compete, then figure out a way to compete and quit asking for money from a state that's 1/2 billion dollars in the red.


Spot on, waitasec. Hey UW, dial football back so that we can play teams we can beat ... and save a lot of money. Call it a program reduction. You're looking for program reductions, right?

Formula for Success

...as UW Plaza puts downtown Laramie on the ropes...as a first street art gallery (UW Art Department) uses tax money from other local galleries to support itself...as Grand Avenue is turned into a 40mph feed lot to UW Plaza. At least the UW faculty has their trees...ripping up the curb and sidewalk of Grand so it can never be improved.

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