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Rajeev Patel, co-owner of Speedgoat, listens to Albany County Sheriff David O’Malley talk Monday about the need for greater clarity regarding the ad hoc alcohol committee’s recommendation to Laramie City Council regarding restrictions on “late night drink specials.”

An ad hoc committee convened by the Laramie City Council in October to evaluate alcohol issues in the city wrapped up its work Monday after nine meetings in recent months.

The committee’s work will be presented to Laramie City Council at a March 12 work session. The ad hoc committee’s report will include a number of recommendations, including restrictions on drink specials after 10 p.m., increasing fines for the use of a fake I.D., more alcohol compliance checks, increased use of I.D. scanners, requirements for businesses to participate in “tavern meetings” to discuss alcohol issues, and greater clarification on which employees of a liquor license-holder need to complete TIPS training.

Most of those recommendations had been approved at the committee’s meeting earlier this month.

Originally, the committee’s recommendation regarding drink specials said those specials should be limited during “late night” hours.

The recommendation was amended to add a specific time frame — 10 p.m. to close — at the suggestion of Albany County Sheriff David O’Malley.

“Having been on city council, I would appreciate, as a council member, having the committee recommending a specific time,” he said.

The ad hoc committee was convened in 2018 largely to consider a possible system that would punish license-holders that are frequently the “last point of consumption” for residents who commit alcohol-involved crimes.

However, the ad hoc committee has opted not to recommend any action regarding the “last point of consumption.”

Laramie Police Department Chief Dale Stalder said punishing license-holders for being the “last point of consumption” is unlikely to be legally justifiable in Wyoming.

“Legally, there’s no mechanism in place to do anything,” he said. “Messing with people’s licenses, I think there has to be some solid ground to stand on.”

All recommendations require action by the council, which would also be responsible for crafting the specifics of each proposal.

The ad hoc committee is recommending city council reconvene the alcohol group in two years to examine the effects of any new alcohol rules the city chooses to enact.

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This has become absurd. If the good ol' boys want to make Laramie dry, then just revoke everyone's liquor license. You can't tell a restaurant or bar what they can serve and what they can't outside of the law ("Sorry, greasy cheeseburgers are illegal in Laramie."). Revoke all liquor licenses, then the bars and restaurants will close up and relocate. Problem solved. You won't need as many law enforcement, so you can eliminate half of the police and sheriff positions. I'm sure the lost tax revenue can be made up somewhere else.


Exactly. This smells like the police looking for an expanded mission (i.e. bigger budget). ACSD only handles 5 calls/wk now. They're searching for a reason to exist.


This is very interesting. I was planning to retire to Laramie in the future. I cannot foresee moving to a "dry county" or any location where the Local Government oppresses its citizens free will. Reminds me of Bloomberg.
Providing the establishments in question follow regulations required by law, penalties should target those committing the crime, not the general public or establishments they were trying to make a living.
Kids have been making fake id's, are very adept at manipulating the system and overcoming technological advances in IDs. If they want to play with the big boys illegally they can pay the piper if caught, hurt themselves or someone else.


I'd reconsider your retirement plans.

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