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An Albany County man has been accused of trying to injure two sheriff’s deputies and attempting to grab one of their guns on June 29 while they arrested him for a probation violation.

Eric Bennett has been charged with four felony counts of interference with a police officer and attempted interference with a police officer.

Two of the charges come from attempting to injure the Albany County Sheriff’s deputies while resisting arrest, one comes from grabbing towards a deputy’s gun, and the fourth comes from allegedly “banging” his head against a deputy’s hand while being restrained in jail.

The deputies repeatedly used a Taser against Bennett when he did not initially follow their instructions, Corporal Jeffery McKinney, of the Albany County Sheriff’s Office, said in an affidavit. McKinney said the incident was captured on body cameras.

At one point, Bennett unsuccessfully tried to grab a deputy’s gun, McKinney said. Deputies used the Taser on Bennett again, and they restrained him and placed him in handcuffs.

One of the deputies later claimed that Bennett had kicked him in the shins during the arrest. The other arresting deputy said that he injured his thumb.

Once Bennett was transferred to the Albany County Detention Center, he was placed in a restraint chair and a helmet was placed on his head, since he was banging his head “on any object/surface he could,” McKinney wrote in the affidavit.

While he was in the restrained chair, he banged a third deputy’s hand into the chair hard enough that it hurt afterward, McKinney said.

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