An adolescent black bear spent several hours wandering in Laramie on Saturday before being detained and released into the wild.

A Saturday afternoon Facebook post from the Laramie Police Department gave thanks to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department for its assistance in capturing the young bear. A wildlife supervisor with the Game and Fish said the 2-year old bear weighing about 80 pounds “had probably just left it’s mother to go out on his own and somehow made it into Laramie,” according to the Facebook post.

The bear was sedated and later released in the Snowy Range Mountains in good condition, according to the LPD.

It’s “unusual, but not rare” for Laramie police to assist in wildlife calls, LPD spokesman Steve Morgan said.

“We provide tracking, public safety and referral to agencies like Game and Fish who are better equipped to handle wildlife,” Morgan said.

There were multiple calls from different parts of the city on Saturday morning reporting sightings of the bear. The first came around 6:30 a.m. in the 2200 block of Nighthawk Drive, with the bear being darted at the 4200 block of Cheyenne Drive just after 10 a.m.

“He was well-traveled,” Morgan said of the bear.

Morgan said “it’s that time of year” that people in Laramie could have wildlife encounters and that they should be cautious.

“Wildlife is wild,” he said. “Don’t approach and always be alert.”

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