Groceries delivered to your home

Brenda Silva loads bags of groceries into the delivery vehicle Tuesday morning at Ridley’s Family Market.

Ridley’s Family Market in Laramie is now offering a delivery service for groceries, the first to do so in the city.

Daniel Kelly, the Laramie Ridley’s Family Market store director, said they started to offer the service in May. Since then, he said several people have taken advantage with many repeat customers.

Customers can order any product sold in the store delivered to their home, he said, except for prescription drugs. Kelly said people can even order alcohol through this system, as long as they show they are at least 21 when it is delivered.

Kelly said they have seen a wide arrange of people already take advantage of the service. He said there have been groceries delivered to elderly people, students, families and single parents. The service allows for people to save the time they would normally take going to the grocery store, Kelly said.

Kelly said it is a great option for elderly or disabled customers and have gotten a lot of good feedback. He also said instead of spending all the time necessary to get kids into the car, drive to the store and do the shopping, busy parents can instead opt to use the delivery service.

From when a person orders the groceries online, it takes about four hours until delivery. Kelly said people can also schedule a delivery for the next day if it fits their plans.

The minimum amount a person must spend on groceries to have them delivered is $75, and there is a $4.99 delivery fee.

Any item that is frozen or needs to be refrigerated is put into specially insulated containers for the trip, Kelly said.

The delivery driver will bring the groceries to the door, or even farther if the customer is comfortable with letting them into their home.

The grocery delivery service offered by Ridley’s is the first one in Laramie. Kelly said the Laramie location was chosen as one of the early providers of the service for the entire chain of stores.

They started with some limited test deliveries before they rolled out the entire service to customers in May.

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