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FREE CHRISTMAS TREE PICK UP AND RECYCLING is throughout the city. Residents should have their trees on the curb ready for pickup by 9 a.m., and volunteers can meet at 9 a.m. at LaBonte Park. For additional information, call the Solid Waste Division at 721-5279, check or download the Laramie Waste and Recycling App.

Not everyone has the ability nor the means to bring their Christmas tree to the landfill. To address that need, the Laramie Interfaith Council and SmartScapes, have teamed up to take care of the problem for those who cannot.

From my understanding, the city used to do it, but after budget cuts, I think, they stopped, but I’m not sure,” said Daniel Minton. He’s the owner of SmartScapes, as well as being a board member on the Interfaith Council; he was asked to join the latter this past September.

The idea isn’t actually his, he said. He saw a notice on a local website that mentioned the fact no entity was going to do any pickup.

“I think there were other nonprofits that did this the last year or two, but I don’t know of any this year,” Minton said.

(An employee of the city’s solid waste department believed that the city’s street department did pickups last year, and had heard there wouldn’t be any pickup this year, but wasn’t sure. He thought it was due to a budget cut. When told about the volunteer effort by the Interfaith Council he said that would be great.)

So Minton broached the possibility to Josh Watanabe, the executive director of Laramie Interfaith Council, and the other board members, who gave it the go-ahead. (Efforts to reach Watanabe were not successful.)

While this offer is free, Minton said that donations are encouraged.

“We’d like to think of it as ‘Neighbor helping neighbor,’” he said. “Especially with so many people out of work during these times.”

However, if a household lacks the financial wherewithal, please don’t be hesitant to call and schedule a pick up, he said.


Call the Laramie Interfaith Council from now until Wednesday, Jan. 6, at 307-742-4240. Pickup will be conducted on Thursday and Friday, Jan. 7-8.

Again, donations will be appreciated but are not mandatory.

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