From the tundra of 2020 shutdowns, isolation, and dark winter days, Laramie-based band Bob Lefevre & the Already Gone sprouted a red-hot debut album. This self-titled album was released in Nov. 2020.

Bob Lefevre and his band mates have been fixtures in the Laramie music scene for several years. Lefevre’s band, Bondurant, rocked the Laramie scene from 2013-2016. Several of the band members left town at the same time, and so the band dissolved. Lefevre was left with his more acoustic-oriented band, Ten Cent Stranger. But, what’s a fellow to do without rock-n-roll?

Hence in 2018 a rock band dubbed Bob Lefevre & the Already Gone was born. The band consists of singer-guitarists Bob Lefevre, Scott Badham, and John Poland, bassist Seth McGee, and drummer Mike Krupp. The self-titled album also features backing vocals from Laniece Schliecher and Elianna Paninos. Badham produced all the album art, including the photo of the pheasant that dons the album’s cover.

“It’s always the goal with a band, to put together an album,” Lefevre said.  In the past, he said that he and his band mates had tried to do it on their own. This time around, he didn’t want to mess around. He wanted to do it correctly.

“I sold a couple of guitars and booked some time at The Blasting Room,” he said. The Blasting Room is a recording studio located in Fort Collins that was started in 1994 by members of seminal punks bands, The Descendants, ALL, and Black Flag. The band hit it off right away with their engineer, Chris Beeble. It felt like the right fit. 

The Blasting Room had a big enough space for them to track the album live, which was a unique approach to recording. In this day and age, the musical parts of an album are typically recorded solo and then later mixed together to create the full sound. Lefevre felt that it was important to record the album while playing all together, which is how the music is naturally played.  

“It’s an old school way, but it’s beneficial. You trade perfection for cohesion,” he said. 

The band’s sound blends folk-Americana lyricism with alt-country and punk rhythms. This sound was very much forged in the wide, resonating landscapes that define Wyoming.

“I think it’s easy to overlook a place like Wyoming, so I wanted to have ‘Wyoming’ or ‘Mountain Rock’ in the same way that Southerners have Southern Rock. It’s music that represents a time and place,” Lefevre explained of the album’s genre.

He added that growing up in Wyoming and being passionate about music was a unique experience. When seeing a live show, there would often be many different genres on the same bill. That reality has shaped a unique crop of Wyoming musicians who are informed by a blend of many genres. 

The pandemic, with its signature of cancelled tours and banned public gatherings, had a dramatic impact. Before the pandemic, the band had entered into this project with a tremendous amount of momentum and energy. As COVID-19 dragged on, they were unable to tour or play live shows to promote the project.  

“It’s been rough,” he said through an exasperated laugh. But that’s not stopping future plans. The band is already looking to get started on a second album, which they plan to record at The Blasting Room.


Bob Lefevre & the Already Gone self-titled debut album is on all streaming platforms. The music video for their song “Raven Lee”, which was shot at the Gryphon Theatre in Laramie, is available to view on YouTube.

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