What better way to start the new year then with new life?

Emilia Lee Denton, the newborn daughter of Cassandra and Stephen Denton, is the first baby born at Ivinson Memorial Hospital in 2021.

The Dentons were thrilled to welcome a healthy baby girl after nine months of not knowing whether they were having a boy or girl. Stephan said it was important for them to find out the sex of their baby when they first meet them, and their family and friends were supportive in their decision to keep it a surprise.

“I think we were just happy to be pregnant,” Cassandra said. She added that for she and her husband, the gender is irrelevant to that joy.

Cassandra was ready to finally meet her child, who was so active by that point it was like having a Michael Scott dance party; Scott was the office manager in the TV show "The Office."

She was a little nervous about delivery, but after months of anticipation and 10 hours of labor, the first moments of mother to daughter contact was special; holding Emilia for the first time a long-cherished and unforgettable experience.

Stephan expressed his joy albeit at a somewhat loss for words.

"It’s all happening at once — it’s a million feelings.”

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