Laramie Pop-Up Art Walk

During the Pop-Up Art Walk, now in its fifth year, local artists will have their work on display at downtown businesses.

Laramie’s artists are ready to take over the downtown district for the next week during the Pop-Up Art Walk, a late-summer tradition that’s set to continue for the fifth time.

From Sept. 5-12, more than 20 artists will have their work on display at 18 different downtown businesses. Red pennant flags will announce participating locations.

At some point during the week, each artist will host an opening at his or her site to promote the art and the host.

“People are encouraged to attend that event if they would like, but if they want to see the art in a less crowded space, they can go throughout the week,” said event coordinator Chelsea Harder.

Unlike previous versions of the Pop-Up Art Walk, the 2020 edition is spread out across an entire week instead of taking place during one weekend. Also, there won’t be a central headquarters as in previous years.

Harder said the changes were made to allow viewers to take in the art on their own pace and avoid crowds if they’d like.

“Ideally, it allows people to still attend, but if they want to attend on a less busy day, or they don’t have time to see all the spaces at once, they can spread it out and see it over a week,” she said. “We thought that would be a really good way to be safe and make sure everybody feels comfortable.”

She said participating artists are excited to have an opportunity to show their work and reach an audience during a time when such occasions are fewer and farther between.

“Part of the reason we wanted to continue forward with this event this year is that so many events have been cancelled, and there aren’t a lot of opportunities regionally right now for artists to sell work,” she said.

For a complete list of participating artists and sites, go to

The first Pop-Up Art Walk was established in 2014 by Wyoming Art Party, a coalition of artists focused on connecting the art community across the state.

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