A series of concerts bringing together the best musicians in Laramie and around the state is set to continue tonight.

The sixth edition of the Laradise Music Showcase is set for 8:30 p.m. today at the Gryphon Theatre, 710 Garfield St. Tickets are $8 in advance.

The concert features The Two Tracks out of Sheridan and Laramie’s The Woodpile.

The Two Tracks consists of Julie Szewc on vocals and acoustic guitar, David Huebner on cello and electric guitar, Fred Serna on drums and percussion and Taylor Phillips on bass. Their Americana sound ties together rock, country, bluegrass and folk, with a leaning toward storytelling. Their most recent album, Postcard Town, was released in 2017.

“They’ve done a lot of touring around the area and the region, and they’re pretty well known,” Gryphon Theatre manager Adam Bender said.

The Woodpile is an indie folk/rock band that formed in 2016. The group includes Evan Gwin on vocals and guitar, Brendan Ruwart on vocals, percussion, guitar and banjo, Nolan Leibee on vocals, bass and mandolin, Jessie Salas and Molly DeLau both on cello and Jesse Twitchell on electric guitar. The six musicians met at the University of Wyoming, where they all studied in the Department of Music. Their music includes a variety of instruments combined with vocal harmonies and folk storytelling.

Bender has been scheduling such showcases every month or so during the school year since January, with an eye toward bringing a variety of groups and sounds to Laramie.

“I try to diversify as much as he can,” he said.

In each concert, he aims to include a regional or Wyoming group alongside a local group. Sometimes, the line-up includes musicians from Colorado, which gives local musicians a networking opportunity.

“Sometimes, we’ll bring up a Front Range band to pair them with, just to open up some opportunities, introduce them to the (local) band,” he said.

As he schedules groups, Bender draws on connections he’s made with bands as the director of What Fest, a music festival that moved to Centennial in the summer from Riverside. Like What Fest, the goal of the Laradise Music Showcase is to provide a platform for musicians to grow their audience.

“We have a thriving, awesome music scene in Laramie that a lot of people don’t know about,” he said.

Upcoming showcases are scheduled for coming months. On Feb. 15, look for Halden Wofford and the HiBeams and Wolves in Cheap Clothing. On March 1, the line-up is Whippoorwill and Woodbelly. Matt Skinner Band and Tie Hack are playing April 19.

Tickets are available in advance at Coal Creek TAP, 108 Grand Ave., and Speedgoat, 213 Grand Ave.

“It tends to be a good little party,” Bender said.

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